Keep Calm And Rock On: The Best of Britain

Keep Calm And Rock On: The Best of Britain

Dust off your union jacks, work on your cockney slang and get to the BC on September 24th as the GMCC brings you a night of the best rock to come out of that little island called Britain. From Led Zeppelin to Muse, Deep Purple to Amy Winehouse, it’ll be a trip through history.

$10 at the door, with proceeds going to Impact SRC in support of the GMCC Travel Scholarship, helping fund students and researchers in the good fight against mental health.

Doors 6.30 – see you there!!

Artists playing:

Stu Caldwell
Tony Calleja
Reece Donovan
Sarah Lou Donovan
Taylor Douglas
Andrea Ficara
Jack Forsey
Adam Giles
Glenn Giacometti
Stacey Herbert
Aren Hill
Steve Hobbs
Matthew Jelley
Johnno Johnson
Brett Lemin
Ryan Letizia
Al McInnes
Dean McInnes
Keaton Marin
Paul Meddings
Tayla Meddings
Sam Patterson
James Richardson
Robin Ricketts
Shaun Smouse
Adrian Trinchera
Adam Parsons
Josh Wray
Adam Zaffarese

Thanks to the Barwon Club, Don’t Poke The Bear, Adam Giles Art, rnrmf guitarworks, Impact SRC, Fused Entertainment and Greenman Studios for your support.