The Prince Of Darkness: Ozzy Osbourne

The Prince Of Darkness: Ozzy Osbourne

The Geelong Music Community Collective are kicking off their shows for 2023 by celebrating the works of one of the most recognisable frontmen of heavy music, Ozzy Osbourne!

Throughout his career with the genre defining Black Sabbath and his very successful solo group, Ozzy put his voice to many, many songs that inspired and influenced multiple generations of the rock and metal scene

With more than 20 local musicians performing just over 20 of Ozzy’s biggest hits, it’s sure to be a great tribute to The Prince Of Darkness.

All proceeds going to IMPACT at Deakin in support of the Dean McInnes Student Award, helping the next generation of researchers tackle mental health treatment.

Get down early!
6:30pm doors | 18+ event.
The Barwon Club Hotel, Geelong.

Click to view full show live stream

Raegan’s Super Wordy Tag Fest!

Good news everyone *insert Zoidberg voice*; it’s time for your favourite segment: The More Blind Than She Wants To Admit’s Super (Or Maybe Not?) Wordy Tag Fest!

As always, in no particular order:

Spero, thank you for not rolling your eyes too much at my terrible attempts at humour, and my not so ladylike diatribe at rehearsal; I might have a career in comedy yet! Also for your song suggestions, I never thought of singing Suicide Solution. And for your words of encouragement again, I appreciate it so much ?

Matthew, massive thanks for your unending patience with my highly evident lack of technical skills….to save y’all the headache maybe I should stick to my tablet? Even if it runs slower than me in heels? Or I could learn my lyrics better, haha

Marty, sorry for the hold up in Suicide; only I could unplug a whole arse microphone and have no idea how to fix it ?‍♀️

Bonnie, yay the girls! Killer job as always ?

Adrian, you made me feel so much better about being effectively clueless about everything except my singing (and even that was touch and go), blahahaha

Liv I love our stage front chats, and I hope the photos I took were okay!

Dustin if I ever get married again (HA!), you’re so singing Crazy Train for me as I walk down ??

To all my song mates, I say this every time but thanks for putting up with my tiptoe through the cables (although after 9?? gigs I should know where stuff is by now surely)? Massive cheers my awesome peeps!


If I’ve forgotten anyone I’m so sorry, my brain is approximately the consistency of scrambled eggs right now….school after a gig night is honestly the pits! And it was kinda wordy; I’d apologise but I’m not actually sorry ??

Much (non creepy) love and incorrectly positioned hand signals (I never remember whether I point my thumb out or not?) from GMCC’s Awkward And Legally Blind But Acts Like She’s Not, Very Sore And Still Awkward Pigeon ??

PS: That’s the metal hand sign, yeah?