Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

You know those terrible songs that deep down inside you love to your very core? You know those ones – they come on the radio… you have to turn it up and on the inside you’re dancing away like Napoleon Dynamite?

On May 21st the GMCC is coming together to bring you a whole set of those Guilty Pleasures. So let’s revel in shame together as the likes of Nickelback, Maroon 5, Whitesnake, Wham and more get the honour they truly deserve (if we’re being completely honest with ourselves).

Doors at 6.30pm, $10 entry (door tickets only! get down early) and as always all proceeds go directly to Impact through the Dean McInnes Student Award, helping the next generation of mental health treatment researchers.

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Raegan’s Super Wordy Tag Fest!

Jake *insert standard words of gratitude* but also: Thanks for leaving Immy the most mortified I’ve ever seen her; I don’t think she’ll be able to listen to Bloodhound Gang again, or look at you in the face for a good while #innocenceisbliss

Stuart yay for Maroon 5 of course, and Karma Chameleon is such a fun song! I think we need to have words about Bolton though….I appreciate the faith in my abilities but good Gawwwwwwd that key change was designed by the ghost of my worst enemy!

To my How Can We Be Lovers crew: Thanks for putting up with my BS; I’m seriously so sorry for being such a drama queen. I owe you all a bevvie of choice next gig ❤️

Adam thanks for the transport with my super OTT bag, the sing along in the car, and the crash course in guitar stuffs….I still can’t see the difference, but if someone could teach me to play them I’m sure I’ll have an opinion soon enough, yeah?

Matt, massive thanks for the encouragement at karaoke Friday night! It definitely helped xoxo

Bonnie yay the girls! That is all ?

Tayla thanks honey, I love our gig hangs so much ?

Liv you are seriously amazing for the pics! I’ve pinched like all of them from your post, haha

I feel like I’ve forgotten people; if I have please forgive me! I barely made 3 hours at school today and feel like I’ve been hit by a steamroller, but I wouldn’t change it for all the non alcoholic beer in Geelong….on that note, cheers to my first EVER completely booze free gig night! I love and appreciate y’all so much; peace out my awesome peeps #alltheaches#lungsarestilloptional#worthitthough