Rock Goddesses II

Rock Goddesses II

Geelong Music Community Collective presents…

Throughout mythology, goddesses and muses have inspired song writers and performers to channel their soul into music. Join the Geelong Music Community Collective on Sunday, January 28th as they pay tribute to some of the great songstresses of the rock age.

$10 at the door, and as always all proceeds go to Impact in support of the Dean McInnes Student Travel Award, helping the next generation of mental health researchers.

6pm doors open.

This will be a huge night – we’ll see you there!

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Stu’s Post Game

Thank you everyone for your work tonight.

$750 raised, new faces that knocked it it of the park, returning faces that knocked it out of the park, and regular faces that knocked it out of the park.

Special thanks to Tim Watters for driving this one, and MVP to Adrian Trinchera for playing 172 tracks in the set.

Thanks again to The Barwon Club Hotel, Bridie Coughlin and Dont Poke the BEAR for their help with venues and rehearsals, and to everyone who provided backline.

We have a solid idea for the next show, so once that’s fleshed out and dates locked in we’ll make an announcement.

Rest up – you all earned it!

Raegan’s Super Wordy Tag Fest!

Good news everyone; it’s time for your (okay, MY) favourite segment: The Super Wordy Tag Fest and Thank Yous!

TD;LR: Listen to your healthcare professionals people, and don’t undertake potentially stressful tasks without your prescribed medication! Otherwise you could end up like me with anxiety hitting DEFCON 5 levels before and during said task….

In no particular order as always:

Stuart, please accept my most sincere apologies for my (even by my standards) neurotic, nonsensical ramblings during the gig; between being without my meds, lack of sleep and the usual terror around singing a massive song, I did not put my best level head on last night. I promise I’ll….take my tablets next time? PS: I’ll concede on the Corey Taylor night, but can I PRETTY PLEEEEEEZE do a rap song soon??

Tayla, what would I do without you?? I’m not even going to be a smart arse; thank you for being my makeup artist, gig buddy, hype girl, and the most amazing metal niece ever ❤️

Tim, thank you for your kind words post gig; I really needed to hear them! I’m still kicking myself for not grabbing the Taylor Swift song on drums though. Give me 6 months, haha

Adrian, you the MVP my friend; 172 songs and lyrics prompter! In 11 years and varying degrees of inebriation I have never blanked on that song, until last night ????‍♀️

Cecilia (I didn’t want to tag the wrong person, sorry!); thanks for your help with Proud Mary, and for grabbing my folder….you were AH-MAZ-ING the whole night!

Liv, you are the smartest person, so there! That is all ????

Marty, thank you again for keeping me to time….one day I’ll know exactly where you are on the stage without needing to see. I think that ship has sailed, right?

Imogen, (yes I’m embarrassing you now, welcome to the club!); thanks for the videos and photos and the pep talks. We’ll get you on stage in no time kiddo #likemotherlikedaughter

Everyone I shared the stage with, and those I didn’t, thank you all so much for your support and encouragement as always; I couldn’t possibly find a better group of people! Speaking of which….hey Jake? THANKS AGAIN!!

I think that’s it? Pretty sure I’m still missing a chunk of my legs after peeling those pants off, and there’s glitter ALL through my bed (I didn’t even apologise to hubby for that one), and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Peace out my friends, can’t wait to do it all again soon #nohashtagsthistime#tootired#whoopstheresahashtagafterall