GMCC Goes To The Movies

GMCC Goes To The Movies

The Geelong Music Community Collective presents…

The GMCC team are back again, this time with a movie themed tribute night! They’ll be covering some of the greatest, catchiest, movie theme songs and tracks that feature on famous movies.

All proceeds going to IMPACT at Deakin in support of the Dean McInnes Student Award, helping the next generation of researchers tackle mental health treatment.

Get down early!
6:30pm doors | 18+ event.

The Barwon Club Hotel, Geelong.

Raegan’s Super Wordy Tag Fest!

Afternoon everyone, and welcome to the highly anticipated Super Wordy Tag Fest & Thank Yous from your favourite Varying Degrees Of Awkward Pigeon! In no particular order as always:

Stacey and Tim, thank you for believing in my ability to not gack up my tunes, especially Footloose and (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life; I’m pretty sure they’re now the most iconic songs I’ve done to date! And massive props for rolling with all the curveballs that seemed to just keep coming! You rock, now and always ?

To our keyboard superstars Sarah and Sascha I’ve never seen keys like that before, and did you get a break at all?? You were and are bloody incredible!

Adam I’m so grateful for your words of encouragement, tips and tricks, and your never ending patience. I’m seriously so lucky to know you and I hope we can sing together many more times in the future, Semi Charmed was so much fun! And Lyle and I say another massive thanks for the ride home too, haha

Spero I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to come and talk to me after Footloose; you’ve mentioned the progress you’ve seen before but I still get the warm fuzzies every time ??

Truly, I really appreciate your words, it helps me check in with myself and reminds me of how far I’ve come; thank you so much!

To my I Touch Myself crew, I cannot ever express my gratitude for indulging me and my breast cancer awareness speech! It means the world to me and mine. Also, thanks for not laughing too much at the tutu! And my backup vocals were absolutely stellar ❤️

Paul thanks for dancing to Footloose; I couldn’t see you but I felt that energy!

Tayla….WE FINALLY GOT OUR SONG TOGETHER!! I hope my work with the lyrics was okay, haha

I know I shouldn’t ever pick favourites and I won’t. But if I had to you’d be at the top of the list; love you big, huge much ??

To everyone else (there’s just too many to tag, FB would have conniptions!) thank you all so much for your encouragement, wisdom, advice, patience and acceptance. 7 gigs down for me now I think, and I hope many more to come!

And I haven’t forgotten you Jake, I could never *insert novella of thanks here* ?

Please return you to your regular programming, and always remember you’re awesome, amazing and incredible, and the Getting More Confident, Slightly Less But Still Sometimes Awkward Pigeon loves you all, in the most non creepy way possible xoxo