‘Midlife Crisis’ 90s Alt Night

‘Midlife Crisis’ 90s Alt Night

The Geelong Music Community Collective presents…‘Midlife Crisis’ 90s Alt Night

Can you believe the 90s started over 30 years ago? No? Neither can we. This was the decade that shaped so many of us. From Beastie Boys to Bush, Soundgarden to Silverchair, and Grinspoon to Green Day; this eclectic era had it all.

Journey back to the 90s with us on December 19th! $10 DOOR TICKETS ONLY!
Get down early!

6pm doors | 18+ event. All proceeds going to IMPACT at Deakin in support of the Dean McInnes Student Award, helping the next generation of researchers tackle mental health treatment. The Barwon Club Hotel, Geelong.

Raegan’s Super Wordy Tag Fest!

Okay, now I’ve had a chance to get my stuff together (thanks Cov1d ?) it’s time for the Super Wordy Tag Fest from the resident Awkward One ??

TLDR; This is actually ridiculously long, longer than I thought. I give you fair warning #sorrynotsorry

Matthew Jelley as much as I freaked out, thank you so, so much for my allocations! Under The Bridge? Woah, haha

Not gonna lie, I think I left my non existent male parts on the stage, the notes are soooooooo low!

Rah Rah Louie you are seriously an amazing singing partner, Higher Ground was so much fun! Thanks for putting up with my panicked moments ❤

Tayla Meddings massive props for helping me fix my jewellery; at least the necklaces don’t get in my face ?

And as always thank you for being my gig buddy, we really need to do a song together xoxo

Tim Watters cheers for not making me cry, you would have been in for it if even one single tear had escaped my friend ?

Liv De you spoke like a champ as you always do, so I don’t want to hear you say otherwise, got it?

Jasmine van Kastel YOU. FREAKING. NAILED. IT!! Seriously, we need to find the videos from Scotty and Slash night so you can see how much of a train wreck I was when I started doing these gigs; I could hardly hold a microphone…and that was at rehearsal, much less on stage!

You absolutely killed it my sweet, keep being you ??

There’s way too many to tag who I shared the stage with for this gig, but I want you to know that I couldn’t have done it without you all. Not just last night, but for the last two and a bit years! You’re all f**king amazeballs; the love, support, friendship and tolerance for my constant freak outs, anxiety and inability to see where the blue Hell the mics, cords and pedals are on the stage. It’s like my 6th? gig and I still trip over my damn feet, blahahaha

And last but never least: Jake Schutz. I won’t give the same novel again, promise! Just, thank you ?

Okay, I’m done. I’m going to sit and watch Chris Hemsworth on The Project and try and read my Corey Taylor and Twilight books (don’t judge me please ?‍♀️) while staying home with Miss 14. Peace out my friends, and I can’t wait for the next time we’re on the stage ??